Which software tool should one choose for their Amazon business ?

Thanks to the abundance of Amazon seller software packages available on the market, selling on Amazon has gotten more simpler. Nowadays, sellers have access to a variety of tools that they can use to uncover profitable products, find keywords that convert well, improve their listings, and more. When it comes to choosing between two popular tools, Jungle Scout and Zonbase, sellers are frequently conflicted. Zonbase and Jungle Scout are both all-in-one seller software packages. They provide a wide range of services that help with inventory management, listing optimization, keyword research, and more. Without a doubt, Jungle Scout is a leader in the field of Amazon seller software. One of the top services for sellers is Jungle Scout, which was established in 2015 by 8-figure Amazon seller Greg Mercer. Jungle Scout began as a tool for product research but has subsequently transformed into a comprehensive software package. The web-based software now provides 14 features and functions that include inventory management, keyword research, product research, and listing improvement. One of the primary resources for researching products on the Jungle Scout platform is the Product Database. You can browse through the millions of items in Amazon’s catalogue using Product Database to find ideas for successful products. The junglescout sales estimator uses a product’s Best Seller’s Rank to estimate how many units it sells in a month.

junglescout sales estimator

More about Jungle Scout Sales Estimator:

The JS Sales Estimator calculates an item’s monthly sales based on its Best Sellers Rank. You must enter the product’s rank and category in order to utilise this tool. It is unlikely that the data is fetched from Amazon because Jungle Scout retrieves it in a matter of seconds. To copy the BSR and category using JS, you must scroll down the product detail page. Are you interested in a Jungle Scout free trial? One is not available from Jungle Scout. They do, however, provide a seven-day money-back guarantee. This implies that if you’re unhappy with the software within 7 days of signing up, you may request a refund. The JS plugin is helpful for checking potential product niches.  The Jungle Scout addon shows important information about a particular market whenever you search for a product, like average monthly sales, average sales rank, average price, and average reviews. Additionally, you can view this data for certain items in that market.