What Do Employers Find Out In Background Check?

Employers conduct the background checks that will help them to verify the job candidate’s qualifications, criminal records, employment history, and various other relevant details that will help to assess the suitability for particular position. Here is what employers find out in the Background check services.

Employment History

Employers would like to verify the employment history that will help them to confirm the work experience, dates of employment, job titles, as well as job responsibilities of a candidate. They might contact the former employers and use third-party services that will verify information that you give in your resume.

Education and Credentials

Employers also verify the education to confirm your degrees, diplomas, and certifications that you claim to earn. They might also contact educational institution directly and use the third-party verification services. They might check the professional licenses & certifications, like medical license, CPA, and real estate license.

Criminal Records

Employers conduct the criminal background checks that will help to determine if job candidate has any criminal history that can impact the job performance and pose any safety risk to employees or the customers. This might include searching for the records of convictions, arrests and pending charges.

Credit History

Employers will also check the job candidate’s credit history and evaluate the financial responsibility as well as assess the level of risk for some positions. For instance, jobs that mainly involve handling money, confidential information and sensitive financial data will need very good credit score.

Social Media Presence

Employers will check your social media channels to evaluate your behavior online, personality, as well as character. They might look for the inappropriate content, drug and alcohol use, discriminatory language, and other behaviors that can impact the job performance and reflect poorly on their company.


Employers might contact the professional references that will help them verify the work history as well as performance, confirm the skills and abilities that you have, and assess your character and suitability for that particular job.

Overall, background check process will vary depending on an employer and type of job that you are applying for. Some of the employers will also conduct highly extensive checks, whereas others will just verify the basic information. It is very important that you stay honest as well as transparent during your hiring process and avoid any kind of discrepancies that can affect the candidacy. Ensure you get the background check done professionally.