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 In brief about the movie, Gypsy a relevant and noble message oriented film with the power pack acting of Jiiva and directortinal brilliance of Raju Murugan. 


Gypsy ( Jiiva) lost his parents in conflicts, was brought up by a nomad. Gypsy didn’t have a permanent home, accompanied by Chai(Horse) moved from place to place. Gypsy falls for Waheeda (Natasha Singh), a girl who grows in a house where she has huge restrictions, both gets married and leads a happy life. Unanticipatedly gets separated from his love by religious strife. 

Artistes’ Performances

Jiiva has been one of the talented actors, brilliant transformation as gypsy is really mesmerizing.

Natasha Singh with her pretty looks and smile steels the screen.

The chemistry between Jiiva and Natasha is shown beautifully.

Chai the horse role has also shown very well.

Supporting characters like Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne lived their roles naturally.

Lead actress Natasha Singh has performed very well, proved as best pair to Jiiva 


Genre: Drama

Duration :140mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Simply superb 


Gypsy is one of the bold and innovative attempts by Raju Murugan which conveys a strong message.

Lead pair Jiiva and Natasha singh have performance is the major asset of the movie

Selvakumar S. K and Raymond Derrick Crasta’s cinematography is very elevated.

The music support fromSantosh Narayanan and Susheela Raman who hasgiven the film a lot more than it actually deserves.

Screenplay, locations and are major assets for Gypsy.

Susheela Raman singer also performed a role which is an add-on to the movie.lead actress 

Cast and crew

DirectorRaju Murugan

ProducerAmbeth Kumar


ActressNatasha Singh

Other characters Lal Jose, Sunny Wayne

Music directorSanthosh Narayanan, Susheela Raman

Release date6 March 2020 


After many censorship problems, the movie was released on 6 March 2020. Viewers can adopt any good message oriented films, which have different experiences from regular love stories. The title Gypsy says the member travels from place to place for peace, love as the replica of movie with addon of religious strife. Brilliant execution of present politics. Jiiva’s changeover has shown in a very unique way and Natasha Singh with simple good performance is major highlights. This Tollywood movies

certainly leaves its mark on the viewers who ever gonna watch it. 


Don’t miss the unique conceptual film Gypsy,which is a romantic drama and message oriented brilliant flick attempted by Raju Murugan in AHA OTT.