Is smoking considered ideal for our health?

Some people would answer it as a no straight up and honestly they are not wrong but for others the answer might differ, there’s a very fine line of when smoking actually starts affecting your health which often goes unnoticed by people. Now I am someone who has never smoked in my life so obviously I stand on the side that yes, smoking is not ideal for our health but for the time being I’ll keep an open mind so that nobody reading this feels like it’s just a one sided opinion. If you are someone who is into smoking but doesn’t know where to buy the right bongs, pots etc. for smoking then Click to visit  here to get introduced to a whole new world of smoking accessories.

 We all know that smoking has various side effects and is considered to be something that has the potential of ruining a person’s life but that only happens when a person becomes addicted to it. Now you might think that it happens only if you are addicted right, so you can just control yourself and not become addicted but that is just a sentence that is easier said than done.


No doubt that there are people who exist that only smoke when the occasion calls for it but then what’s to say that they won’t try smoking to escape from their problems? Once people have started smoking then tend to loose the grip on reality and don’t realize when they have crossed the line from being a social smoker to becoming a full time addict. I’m sure that these are not just my thoughts but many people have thought of this but never got the chance of expressing it. The aim of this writing is not to scare people off but it’s just a type of “look into the future” so that people are well informed before doing anything.

Side effects of smoking.

  • When smoking has become an addiction, it becomes extremely hard for the family members to deal with the addict as they are just not fully themselves which ends up in them loosing people and feeling more lonely.
  • It causes severe health problems and diseases such as lung cancer and mouth cancer, shortening your life.
  • A person whose become an addict ends up ruining his or her career which they have worked so hard for until now.