Ways Small Businesses Can Reap Benefits of ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a business process management solution that helps the business (both small and medium) to use the system of integrated apps for handling business & automating many back office functions that are associated with HR, services & technology.  S-Metric ERP Consultants have complete knowledge of various solutions. They understand functional and technical aspects of ERP software and will modify or customize various solutions to meet their customer’s requirements. They will be responsible for successful integration of a software in a company.

ERP is used mainly by the large organizations considering the costs of maintenance and installation. But, it is used by the small business in today’s contemporary era to streamline data available in many departments, make right information available, take much better decisions as well as enhance productivity.  Some core advantages of ERP solution will be highlighted as–

Different Uses of ERP Solution


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is employed widely by companies who are working within a distribution chain and keep proper track of various moving parts of the distribution & manufacturing. However, ERP can also be used by many different sectors, which includes people in Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, Employee gateway, Warehouse, Operations, and more. Business to handle their employees, customers and inventory may rely on various benefits offered by ERP consultants.

Better Customer Service

ERP solutions generally come with Customer Relationship Management application, all along with financials, sales, and front-office functions. This CRM function of ERP is important as the primary way the business stays competitive & “in a game” is getting returning customers, and resulting in possibility. For example, customer service department and sales employees will communicate with the customers much better as well as improve relationships through accurate and faster access to the customers’ information & history that ERP system offers.

Flexible Modularity and Scalability

Another significant benefits of ERP software today is the modular makeup. Majority of the ERP vendors provide many different applications that will work together as per your business needs. Every application stands alone and integrates with extensive suite. In this way, the company will pick components that work best & leave out what they do not need.

Another important aspect involves installation of the software. The two primary deployments include on-premise & through the cloud. For on-premise system, you need physical software to be installed on company servers and computers. The system will be handled totally off-site by ERP provider. Cloud software or Software-as-a-Service, is hosted on vendor’s servers & accessed through the web browser.