The Various Kinds of Agriculture and Its Way of Cultivation

Agriculture is the most basic thing that human society is needed and they have developed that from scratch to an advanced level. The influence of technology is also impacted directly in this field too and a lot of machines were made to make agriculture easy. Also, the cultivation can be done in a bigger manner where we use the machinery. Human society is living with the support of food where those are giving the necessary energy and nutrients for humans to lead their life healthy. At the beginning of the human era, land farming (Wet and dry) was a famous one, and even now also. But the ongoing research in the field of agriculture to increase the efficiency of the product cultivation with less energy finding ways towards a lot of other kinds of agriculture too. A simple method of agricultural netting is used in most kinds where that is helping to fall the excessive sunlight over the plant. Of course, Sunlight is an important one for plants but excessive sunlight may spoil the growth of the plant. Hence to reduce that netting is used in agriculture. In this article let us see some of the agriculture types briefly.

Way of Cultivation

Shifting Agriculture: This is one of the kinds where this methodology is mostly followed in the hill station by tribal groups. Mostly the root and tuber crops will be cultivated in this kind. After the crops are planted if the land does not have sufficient fertility then the crops will be shifted to the other land which may possess fertilization. This kind of shifting process of agriculture is named shifting agriculture.

Dry and Wetland Agriculture: As the name meant the cultivation is done based on the type of land. The lands that are available in the desert countries will be suitable for dry land agriculture where the crops that are consuming less water such as peas, dates, etc. will be cultivated. The place having abundant water sources will be suitable for wetland cultivation and mostly the rice, sugarcane, and Jute can be cultivated in this way.

Apart from these, we have Aquaponics, intensive and extensive agriculture, commercial agriculture, etc. All these kinds are meant to cultivate the crops in a better manner.