The design of a trophy is very important – talks about the brand and the event

Are you organizing an event or competition and need to take care of every detail? In that case, the trophies that you are going to give to the competitors or participants will most likely play a very important role.

Get help from the experts in designing trophies for your events and that is why we have set out to give you some tips to help you design and choose the best luxury custom trophies for your event.

The material

Although the ideal is to choose methacrylate as a material for trophies, there are other materials that can also work well when creating them.In the case of aluminium, for example, these can be gold or silver and some type of engraving can always be made on top of them.Likewise, there is also the option of designing a trophy with a wooden base and body. These are usually very original, as well as customizable, and fit well with whatever event you are organizing.

Custom Awards

Plastic trophies, on the other hand, are usually very light. In addition, they adapt well to any type of activity or theme. Another advantage that these present is that they can be customized very easily.Finally, it should be said that most sports trophies are made of resin, as this is a very resistant material as well as moldable, which allows us to decorate it with a wide variety of paints and finishes.

The center

There are centers of different materials: aluminium, relief center, epoxy or star. These can be personalized, with a recording, for example.

In the same way, when choosing the type of trophy or sports center, it is also important to pay attention to choosing their height well.If you have to deliver several trophies, it is important that you select the sizes in relation to the importance or relevance of the award.

In short, when creating the trophies for your event it is important that you take into account, first of all, what type of event or activity it is. Secondly, and depending on the theme, you must choose a good material and a good center to later be able to personalize them to the maximum.