The cinematography is pretty decent – kshanakshanam movie 2021

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The critic’s review of the KshanaKshanam is top class.

Ram Gopal Varma wrote and directed the Indian Telugu-language road thriller KshanaKshanam in 1991. Venkatesh, Sridevi, and PareshRawal played the lead roles in the film. M. M. Keeravani’s soundtrack, and background score received positive feedback. Gave positive feedback to Ram Gopal Varma’s story and Teja and S. Gopala Reddy’s cinematography.

Satya, played by Uday Shankar, is an orphan with a fishing business named the film’s subject. He marries Jia Sharma’s character Preeti, who is also an orphan. On the other hand, their union quickly falls apart, with the couple constantly arguing and battling. Satya is fed up with this and begins dating a girl named Maya. On theother hand, Maya is later discovered dead, with Satya as the prime suspect. You can watch thriller movies online on the Aha ott platform and access all the latest web series with their subscription at reasonable prices.

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