Learn how to use the new world resource map

Amazon games have made a massive world game that requires a player to collect necessary tools, and craft weapons to survive in the game. There are so many activities in the game that include cooking, building, and crafting that are crucial for surviving in the New World. But it is not easy for the players to find the essential tools. This is why many consider the New World Resources Map that helps players in finding the resources faster and complete quests as quickly as possible. The player can make use of this map to find the exact location to get the materials they want. Here are a few steps that you should consider to use the map effectively.

New World Map

  • To track resources in the game with the help of the New World resource map, you should first unlock resource tracking. To unlock these skills, the gamers of New World should complete the appropriate level in harvesting resources. So, you should reach a certain level in the game to unlock the resource tracking.
  • The interactive map is the most helpful map for the players that helps one to find the exact location of the resources. You should access the interactive map and enable the show all for all resources to locate certain resources you should click the Hide all option.
  • There are so many resources in the game including woods, ore, plants, essences, fishing, and many more. You can select the right type of resources that you need. Also, you would find the different items under each resource. So, choose the right items and mark them on the map.
  • With the help of an interactive map, you could also track down enemies and bosses. If you use the map effectively, then you could also spot the cities and towns. So, not only resources, interactive maps are more helpful in tracking down many useful things for gameplay.
  • You should learn resource tracking which is essential to unlocking many features. Hence, the above are some useful tips that you should consider if you want to useĀ  New World Resources Map while playing the game. By using it correctly, you will be able to find materials and farm quickly.