Amazon is the number one selling and buying platform where 67% of the customers choose to shop on amazon. A professional seller account amazon is a practical choice you need to make once you decide to have an account on the amazon platform.

Follow these steps to start an Amazon business:

  1. Decide the business model: private label, wholesale, online/ retail arbitrage, dropshipping and handmade are the different business models available on the Amazon platform. Before creating a business account, decide which model will suit your business.
  2. FBA or FBM: once you decide which type of model you will do, you need to determine what fulfilment will suit you. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) or fulfilment by merchant ( FBM). Before dividing, have a clear idea of both methods.
  3. Jungle scout: use jungle scout to determine whether your product has demand in the platform.
  4. Make an application: once you finish the above steps, apply to become a seller on the amazon platform.
  5. Using apps: once your account is approved, start sourcing your products.
  6. Product lists: create your product list and grow as an amazon seller.

Create a seller account:

  1. Visit the website https://services.amazon.com
  2. Tap on ‘learn more
  3. Choose an individual or professional seller account
  4. Enter your email id and tap on ‘create a new account’.
  5. Choose your ‘business type’ and ‘business location.’
  6. Enter your information like name, address, phone number, etc.
  7. Enter your billing information
  8. Provide information about your amazon store and your products.
  9. Identify verification

Amazon selling products

Why do you need to have a professional account?

  1. Allowed items for sale: sellers with a professional account are permitted to sell certain products like fine art, limited jewellery, automotive products, etc.
  2. Buy box eligibility: featuring in the buy box is impossible for individual sellers. Once you win the buy box, you can outsell your competitors and increase revenue/ and sales.
  3. Tax calculations: you need a professional account to collect the sales tax for the products you sell.
  4. Third-party users: you can use seller mobile only If you have a professional account on amazon.

These are some valuable benefits you can gain once you have a professional seller account on amazon.

Finally, you have two options when you enter to have an account in amazon that is individual and professional. Before deciding, have a clear-cut idea about both plans and proceed further. Visit the website https://www.zonbase.com/blog/deciding-between-a-professional-or-individual-seller-account-on-amazon/ for more information.