Details you need to know about freight forwarding

Things might easily become problematic when exporting huge cargo internationally. You require direction when employing logistics services, including air and sea transportation. A freight forwarder is frequently used by businesses who ship abroad to speed up deliveries. Here are a few things you should know before hiring the services for ongkir Surabaya Jakarta.


Industry leaders in supply chain management are freight forwarders. They offer incredibly valuable services. Here are some of the duties handled by freight forwarders:

  • Documents for international import and export
  • Customs Packaging
  • Holding goods
  • Protection for loads
  • Administration of the inventory

Clarify what services your potential freight forwarder offers if you’re searching for an international air freight forwarder to handle certain duties like packaging or product storage.

Increased efficiency:Documentation:

To guarantee the security of your consignment and avoid potential legal snags in the future, your freight forwarder delivers various crucial documentation.

Documents like an invoice, a bill of lading, a certificate of origin statement, an inspection certificate, an export license, an export packing list, and a shipper’s export declaration are a few of the ones your freight forwarder will give you.

Packaging and Labeling:

Freight forwarders can offer a variety of different services to their clients in addition to sending products internationally.

Upon request, freight forwarders can package, store, and accurately label your products. They can also indicate the weight of the products and if they are considered risky or not.


In addition to offering clients warehouse space in both the country of origin and the final destination, a seasoned freight forwarder can. Your things will be insured and kept in a safe, climate-controlled space.