Best commercial cleaning services in Toledo, OH With Stratus

Due to the busy everyday life, people rarely get time to clean their floors thoroughly. In this scenario, it is better to hire cleaning companies that know how to clean even the hard tiles. Stratus provides the best commercial cleaning services in Toledo, OH.

What does Stratus provide?

They have the best cleaning solution for dealing with the wax service for vinyl and concrete, marble floors, and high gloss and grout surfaces. Most of the flooring of the house or office is covered with a thin film of polymer that can wear out in time. Stratus cleaning services make sure that the film and the surface stay intact during the cleaning process. They provide one-time service as well as cleaning on a regular contract basis.

How do they keep your floors clean?

commercial cleaning services in Toledo, OH

They use chemicals that reach deep into the surface and remove the old coating to prepare for a new one. This process is called stripping of coating. After this, they provide a new polymer finish that protects the layer of the floor against dust and other particles.

The wax strip lasts long, and cleaning becomes easier in the future. Your living room will relatively have a higher level of wear and dust when compared to the bedroom. Stratus keeps that in mind and uses spray buffing and brushing for thorough cleaning of the place as per the requirement. The highly trained experts use the best technology to clean even the most difficult and contaminated floor. They always use the most effective equipment and products, thus making them the best commercial cleaning services in Toledo, OH. Once they are done, your floor will be non-slippery, spotless, and clean from underneath.

One thing that makes Stratus stand out among its adversaries is its non-usage of high-pressure cleaning. It can damage the surface, so they opt for a softer method with products that use 90% less water and cleaning detergents. They keep the environment clean by preserving the water and using less damaging chemicals.

The next time you are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning service that provides an effective solution contact, Stratus.