The Alzheimer’s Nuclei are areas of care and assistance for patients suffering from dementia and presenting with behavioral disorders; in these departments specifically designed  for Alzheimer’s patients in order to guarantee protection and safety combined with a program of activities aimed at stimulating and maintaining the patient’s cognitive functions , even with the aid of non-pharmacological therapies senior living community in Draper, UT.

In the Alzheimer’s Nucleus, the Guest, self-sufficient or non-self-sufficient, can freely use all the services available in a totally safe way, since he can move between the common areas and his own room but always under the close supervision of the operators.

Harmonious in colors and furnishings, the Alzheimer Nuclei are not a “container”, but a place of freedom, with large and bright spaces and advanced security systems, without any architectural barrier. In addition to the spaces reserved for them, the Guests of the Protected Nuclei often have common meeting spaces at their disposal.

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Choosing an Alzheimer’s unit does not mean abandoning your loved one, on the contrary: it means entrusting him to the care of a team specialized in managing the symptoms of this disease. Opting for  Alzheimer’s facilities  does not mean requiring assistance that replaces the work and value of the caregiver : the Alzheimer’s core must be seen as an extra help to those who have lovingly taken care of their family with the disease for a long time. Alzheimer’s .

In an Alzheimer’s Nucleus , the Guest is constantly treated and monitored by specialized doctors, nurses and social assistance assistants, taking advantage of cognitive and functional rehabilitation activities and social stimuli. Within an Alzheimer Nucleus, the life of the Guest is divided between daily activities respecting their personal habits and therapeutic moments of socio-cognitive rehabilitation followed by a highly trained team.

Where the family only needs non-continuous support and help, it is possible to choose a  semi-residential solution , the Integrated Day Center  .